One of the hardest transitions I’ve had to make with the ADULT CHILDREN moving back home is not getting my way. Sounds bratty, I know, but still…

I love not wearing pants. I can wear a bra all day any day, but please don’t make me wear pants. I will happily put them back on to take the dogs out or grab the mail from the box, but I hate pants.

Today, I dropped The Daughter off at job #1, then delivered The Son one of his sketchy places of employment. He’ll be gone until some time this weekend as this particular job entails the driving of a graduate student’s belongings to her new home in another state.

So, that’s one little break for me, and one which does not go unnoticed. Now, if we could get the other one off on some excursion, I could be happy and pants-free for a few days. Just the thought of it makes me giddy!

I may not get my way much, but a girl can dream.

By the way, my Pandora is playing Run DMC’s “Tricky,” and I am reliving my youth right now. Yes, I remember the words. All of them.


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