Here’s What’s Wrong

This is a two-parter, organized that way only because it just makes sense to me. And it is list style. I can’t make cohesion happen correctly here because syntax and my brain are just not gellin’ like Magellan.

In conversation with my kids and other people I know who are younger I continually hear about how unhappy they are. They are unhappy with their relationships (romantic and friendly), jobs, finances, and just about everything else. I hear the phrase, “Don’t I deserve…” a whole friggin lot. So, here we go:

Part 1- What you deserve

  • you deserve to be safe.
  • you deserve to be loved (think unconditionally in this application).
  • you deserve to be well.
  • you deserve to be happy.
  • you deserve to be enough.
  • you deserve to be heard.
  • you deserve to feel whole.
  • you deserve to be fulfilled.
  • you deserve to be complete.
  • you deserve to be part of a home (whatever that might mean to you).

I could add more, but that’s a great foundation. And, it’s all true. But, here’s where we get into a little bit of muddy water. A lot of what you deserve are things you have to work on/at/for. And, sadly, millennials have no idea how to do that work. Yup, I said it. Right here, I put it out there. What are you going to do about that? If you’re like most millennials, not too dang much. You’ll bitch about it a whole lot, maybe mean-mug me, might tweet something, but you wont change it because you DON’T KNOW HOW. Which leads me to-

Part 2- How to get what you deserve

  • define what you want
    • however minute you think something may be, define it
    • put a name on it and focus on it
    • let all things you do be in support of that definition
      • Ask yourself, “How can I make myself safe?” “How do I want to be loved?” “What can I do to make myself well?” “What will make me happy?” “What will make me feel like I am sufficient?” “How can I make sure people hear me?” “What will make me feel whole?” “How can I achieve fulfillment?” “What does complete mean to me?” “What will it take for me to feel at home?”

Notice anything? It’s up to the individual to get what they deserve. Yup, make it happen. It can’t be something someone does for you, otherwise it will mean nothing.

Life is like wrestling. It is both an individual and a team sport. If the individual can’t pull their crap together, the team suffers.

What do I think of millennials as a whole? As the mother of two of them, I think they are skyrocket smart. They are engaging (sometimes too much and it gets in the way). They are diverse and accepting. They are unique. They are emotional. And, they don’t have a clue what happy really means.


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