Womp Womp

I wanted desperately to change my energy and be more positive. Y’all. Nope.

This morning, I woke up late. No bigs, because even my late is still pretty much on time for my peoples. The Daughter wasn’t up. I pounded on her door and asked if she was going to work (remember, I am the chauffeur), to which she responded, “Oh, *%#@!”


I called up the stairs to The Son and asked if he was up. He replied that he was. I indicated that he could use the shower in our bedroom since we were on the late side. He replied, “Nah, don’t need one today.” Umm, yeah, you do.

I said nothing.

Washed my fun parts, got dressed, took the dogs out, picked some tomatoes, pulled my hair back in a ponytail, you know, the normal stuff.

We left later than I like. The Son arrived at work at 8am, precisely. High five, Mom!

The Daughter and I immediately left his place of employment to trek back to the neighborhood where she works, which is tennish minutes to the opposite side of our neighborhood and subsequently, thirty minutes away from his. Good. Lord.

We got to that job at 8:32. She had been loudly lamenting the superiority complex her brother has been bestowing upon her the. entire. way. She’s not wrong, but dude, I was barely awake. I practically had to put my foot on her and shove her out. She left, bitching and complaining.

Upon leaving her, I experienced the following:

Cut off by a dry cleaner company van, left the water on in my garden all day, paid bills, stopped to get gas at a broken pump (insert calamity at the gas station), spilled gas down my leg and on my flip flop, got stuck in traffic with a single lane and clueless flagmen, got stuck in it again because my location was smack-dab in the middle of the lanes they were fixing, drove through a REALLY bad part of town because my GPS said so, was late picking up The Daughter, had to pass her second job and go to our house (five miles out of the way) because she needed different clothes (it was a last minute thing), scored a Jimmy John’s sammich when she offered because she realized how much I was investing in the day, made a WalMart run (such a treat), and came home to find 1/3 of my back yard was completely flooded because (remember) I left the hose on all friggin’ day.

I’m about to leave again to pick up The Son. Here’s what I need from the rest of the day:

The Son to not be in his usual shitty and sonic boom way when he gets in the car, for him to actually be at the shop and not out at some crazy site somewhere else doing the sweaty and smelly things they have him do all day, for him to be in the car within five minutes of my timely arrival, for the drive home to be quiet, for him to be ready to put away all the dishes he hasn’t put away all week, for The Daughter to return home in a good mood, for them to not fight with one another, for Huz to come home reasonably early and rescue me from this insanity and take me to a cheap and quiet dump for dinner, to get a nice shower, to go to bed early, and to sleep all night without waking.

Yeah, right.




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